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herlifedotorg's Journal

words & pictures

23 December
35mm, a positive outlook, ambition, animal rights, animals, art, autumn, bars/clubs, baths, beaches, beauty, being creative, being photographed, black and white, black and white photography, bowling, cameras, candles, canon, cappuccino, capturing life, cars, cats, choreography, chris, clothes, coffee, computers, concerts, copywrite, creativity, dedication, deviantart, devotion, digital, digital art, digital cameras, digital photography, dolphins, drinking, drive-ins, dvds, entertainment, erotic photography, expressing myself, expression, eye shadow, eyeliner, family, fashion, flirting, friends, friendship, fuji, glitter, goals, graphic design, handmade diaries, handmade journals, handwritten letters, happiness, happy, having an open mind, hockey, honesty, html, hugs, images, imagination, independence, inner beauty, internet, jewelry, journals, karaoke, kisses, laughing, letters, lip gloss, lips, lipstick, live jazz, livejournal, love, lust, macro, macro photography, macros, macrotography, makeup, mascara, memories, money, movies, mp3s, music, natural beauty, nature, nature photography, notebook, online, online journals, open-mindedness, paper journals, passion, performing arts, phones, photoblogs, photography, photologging, photologs, photos, photoshop, pictures, piercings, poetry, polaroids, reading, reality tv, restaurants, roller coasters, romance, self exploration, self portraits, sex, shopping, simplicity, smiling, snuggling, social people, sterling silver, sunrises & sunsets, sunsets, talk shows, tattoos, teasing, the beach, the nightmare before christmas, the sims, touching, trading spaces, trusting, unconditional love, victoria secrets, visual journals, web design, webcams, winter, working out, writing