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Hello my lovely long lost friends!
I seriously forgot how to use this damn thing. It's been FOREVER since I even tried to use this. I'm hoping I can start getting into a routine and updating this on a daily/every other day bases. I need too! I have a lot of things going on and need to vent sometimes and I've loved writing on here. :)

I have a little boy who is almost two years old now! Crazy huh? And!! I'm pregnant with baby number two. I'm 7 months pregnant! It's another little boy. I'm very excited and happy to have another one. I love my boys. <3.

I missed you guys! How are things going for you?

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now post belly photos!

happy birthday sugar.
I hope you are well... and the ones you love are close.

and just say'en, those pics? as always... simply beautiful. :)

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