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This is a Friends-Only journal, which is as much of a pain to me as it is to you.

I don't have anything against anyone, save a couple of enemies, reading my journal. But it's a little strange to think that anyone who wants to Google or stalk me can find this and read about what If you want to be added, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

LoOks lIke a MaDe it Jus' in time =D

heck yes & glad you did :)

ID like to be added. I found you thru steve. XoD

hi im one of tinmans frends and i see that you make him happy and i want him to be happy but anywho i added you to my frends list i hope you dont mind best of luck <3nickel

I don't mind at all Hun. I added you back as well & thank you so much *hugs*

I'd like to be added. Your journal colors are bad ass by the way.

your added :) thank you
heh even know my layout and colors just got changed but they still SO rock! :)

hi well ive seen ur name mentioned so many times =) your really pretty also I thought i would add you if thats ok bye bye -Kimberly

Yes I would be very estatic with Joy if I could add you.

I just have to add you. If you are thetinman's girlfriend, then he has excellent taste. Him and I have talked before, and he is a down ass dude.

aww *blush* thank you very much.
I've added you back :)

I found you thru random a while back before all your entries were friend's only. I added you to my list and was hoping you could add me back :o)

I added you as a friend :D
you don't have to add me back,
but....:D please? *smiles*

wanna be LJ friends? I dont usually write in my live journal cuz i have a dead journal
But i can still add yah..
BTW..ur so pretty! :D

<33 ashley

Aww thank you hun! sure I'll add you back. :)

i found your name through a randome thing, whould you mind if i added you?

woa @ baby :P
added you back Hun :)

I'll add you...add me back..

Hey Kim dear, I'm jelous of your layout and sorry if this comment makes no sence but I'm a tad fucked up right now so yeah ;) add me because I just got my journal and I have no clue wtf I'm doing haha xoxo

Aww thank you Hun. I know I got frustrated with It to. Then I found someone who helped me out. Er well did more then helped me out did it for me. *hugs* Hope your Ok hun. Add me to your friends if you like :)

added you....your layout (and ange) rocks

thank you so much :) yes they both do.
*added you back*

(Deleted comment)

Re: Sorry for all the confusion

It's all right Hun & I'm sorry too. Thank you very much means a lot someone people want us happy.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: just wanted to say...

thank you so much :)

While I can't say that I get tired of only seeing Steve's side of things, I'd also like to see what you are up to. Don't think for a minute,though, that the only reason I want you on my friend list is because of him... you rawk and I can identify with you situation. :) Keep writing! Add me please :) ~Letitia

Lol understandable *added you back* :)

Hey Kim. You don't know me but I know some of your friends and your a sweet girl and your pretty. I added you to my friends list if that's ok. And, you may add me also if you wish. `,=c ]


Hello Hello :) Aww thank you hun *added you back*

sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but my computer is basicly a pile of shit ;\. I just added you so yay! lol I'll talk to you someother time doll, happy valentines if I don't see you soon

It's ok hun. I added you back :) *hugs*

oOo!!! add meh add meh -waves hands- *lolz* add meh to yur friendz list and ill add yew back k?

x0 ashy


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